Friday, May 22, 2015

Farmer Feedback from First Year

The AC4D team held a stakeholder meeting and end of year evaluation this past week.  We brought in a pest management expert to discuss preventative pest management, discussed successes during the season and opened the time to farmers to direct the trials and demonstrations that we will undertake next year.

Key findings included several different new varieties that are growing well under Middle Ghor conditions as well as widespread requests for organic vs in-organic fertilization at the beginning of the season while planting.  About 20 farmers were in attendance.  Working groups were formed to discuss issues of importance in our area as well as to solicit feedback from our first years efforts.  Following the seminar and working groups everyone stayed for lunch.  After a long and exhausting season it was great to enjoy time with all of the people who made our trial and demo farm a success. 

One of the working groups

Operation Mercy Director Bob Cole was in attendance

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