Sunday, July 24, 2016

Looking Back & Looking Forward

Looking back at last season AC4D produced over 125 metric tons of vegetables, all of which went to feed Syrian refugees, Iraqi refugees, and impoverished Jordanians.  We held farmer field days to build community in our region.  We learned a great deal about on-farm water and salinity management and we worked to share that knowledge with other farmers in our area.

Looking forward to this season we are:
  • delivering 140 tons of high quality produce to feed over 70,000 people from 3 to 4 different distribution points across northern Jordan 
  • building a new farm in the Karak Region to facilitate year round food production for our refugee feeding program
  • pioneering the use of hydroponics in our area to increase crop volume, quality, and revenue per drop of water utilized
  • spreading a wheat production process that will enhance staple crop yields in Jordan, Iraq, and Syria
  • partnering with others to develop a network of ag. extension and production centers across Northern Iraq 
  • planning to integrate a small ruminant production / grazing management component to our Jordan activities