Sunday, May 6, 2018

2017/18 Season Totals

A few statistics for thought:

Hydroponic Tomatoes Produced:  12.5 Metric Tons
Hydroponic Peppers Produced:  6.3 Metric Tons

Tomato Yield per m2:  15 Kg
Pepper Yield per m2: 5 Kg

Total food produced and delivered to refugees:  150 Metric Tons
Total cost to run farm:  $49,330

Boxes Produced:  15,132

People fed:  75,660

Cost per Kilo:  33 cents (inclusive of distribution, delivery, and all administration costs)

While overall cost per kilo of produce continues to drop, yields from the hydroponic systems remain far below what I want from them.  They have improved about 30% from last season due largely to more consistent and precise regulation of fertigation solution, both pH and nutrient load. Trimming and pest control remain major barriers to improved production due to a lack of skilled labor in the area.

In the coming season we will be using refractometers to evaluate the baseline sugar levels in the leaves before transpiration increases during the warm hours of the day.  This will give our team a stronger feel for how much nutrient is being absorbed by the plant.  That information will better inform our irrigation scheduling, our nutrient load, and our hydroponic systems flushing schedule.