Monday, February 2, 2015

First Farmer Field Day

On January 31 our team hosted over 25 local farmers for a field day and traditional meal in the Jordan Valley.  We walked farmers through the trial and demo farm and explained our interventions, new crops and variety comparisons.  Many of the farmers who came were very familiar faces but several new farmers accepted our invitation and came to see what we are doing.  The artichoke and asparagus got most of the attention as people have not seen these crops in production in the Jordan Valley before.  We also have 2 local farmers asking us to help them to implement artichoke and asparagus into their cropping cycle.  We will be working closely with them to formulate a simple adoption plan for asparagus and artichoke on their farms.

Area farmers enjoying a traditional Mansaf meal

Conversation continued after the field day and meal late into the afternoon.  The main issues that farmers raised were about soil salinity and how it is effecting productivity and plant longevity.  In light of those concerns we were able to highlight our soil remediation work.  Overall it was a great day at the farm and went a long way toward building cooperation between farmers in our area. 

One of the most senior members of the Adwan tribe was in attendance and his message was well met, "if we would cooperate we could do anything."  

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