Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Preparing to Produce . . .

The stage is set for AC4Ds trial and demo farm to begin producing a great variety of vegetables and fruit within the month.  In December the farm will begin producing indoor and outdoor varieties of tomato, sweet and hot pepper, eggplant and cucumber.  It will also begin producing outdoor varieties of zucchini, squash in multiple varieties, tomatoes, green beans, broad beans and cauliflower.  The majority of this produce will go to feed refugee families here in Jordan.  In addition to the humanitarian benefit the production techniques and variety comparison will serve as a test bed for local farmers.  While agricultural extension is our primary focus the AC4D program  is priviledged to work alongside Operation Mercys Relief Program to meet the needs of over 100 displaced families for the next four months. 

Open Field Tomatoes

Deafness Tomatoes

Babylon Cucumbers

Guacho Zucchini

Dalia Eggplant

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