Monday, February 10, 2014

Jordan Valley components to the AC4D program for 2014-2015

The two Jordan Valley components to the AC4D program for 2014-2015:

1)   Small scale trainings for JV Water User Associations
Training for groups of farmers focused on field observation. 

Training Topics include:
            Finance (Budgeting and Irrigation Order Preparation)
            Irrigation System Design
            Conflict Management
            Soil Health
            Improved Varieties

Operation Mercy will provide materials, refreshments, a light meal, speakers and demonstrations for the events. 

2)   The establishment of a demonstration farm in the Southern to Middle Ghor of the Jordan Valley

A farm of suitable size, roughly 3.5 hectares / 40 dunum / 1 unit, of land will be acquired for use as a demo-farm where farmers could be invited to receive hands-on training in cropping patterns, automated drip irrigation, emerging solar technologies, soil health, salt tolerant crop varieties and farm management. 

                        Needed startup items for the demonstration farm will include:   
                                                Annual Watersupply
Irrigation piping
Installation of a reservoir
Poly tunnels
A water filtration system
Soil Amendments & Fertilizers

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