Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Operation Mercy Jordan Invited to Participate in USAID's "Water Valuation Study Results Workshop"

A workshop was hosted this week in Amman by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)to showcase a Water Valuation Study recently published outlining the financial output of water used in agriculture on a crop by crop basis in contrast with the financial output of water used in other sectors.

Extension Services and Value Chain Management 

The objectives of the study were to estimate the value of current water usage, to analyze options for improvement while addressing social considerations, and to enhance assessment capacity to support decision and policy making. 

The study found that irrigated horticulture accounts for the vast majority of the value created by agriculture in Jordan and that the locus of that horticulture is in the Jordan Valley.  Seasonal variability also played a strong role in the degree to which water used in agriculture produced a competitive level of financial return when compared with other sectors of the Jordanian economy. 

It was recommended that the key services required by smallholder farmers to maximize financial return on water in Jordan's agricultural sector remain quality extension services and stronger capacity for value chain management that extends beyond the farm gate.  

The study can be accessed on the authors' website in full by clicking the following link:
Water Valuation Study

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