Wednesday, January 23, 2013

AC4D Roll-Out

After a slow January, the German Society for International Cooperation, Ltd (GIZ) and Operation Mercy Jordan are hosting a meeting in the coming month to jointly introduce the official format of the AC4D program to representatives of the Jordan Valley Authority, leaders of the Northern Jordan Valley Water User Associations and the Ministry of Agriculture.  The meeting will take place in the village of Deir Alla in the Jordan Valley and the agenda will include a description of how the program will operate, when it will begin, who it will involve and the division of responsibilities between the involved parties.  We will also jointly choose topics for the training, exact timing of the training, form a rough participant list and choose a location for the initial Water User Association leader training.  We will also allow time for the concerned parties to voice questions, concerns and suggestions to improve on what has been developed.

GIZ is specially positioned to facilitate and provide perspective for the AC4D program because they are the organization that conceived of and brought about the partnerships on which the WUA are built. 

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