Tuesday, December 18, 2012

An excellent read for anyone interested in Ag Extension in the Middle East

Today I had the good fortune to come across this assessment done by USAID, published in 2005.  I found it very much in keeping with what our team is finding as we examine the Northern Jordan Valley Agricultural System as a whole.  My takeaway points from this article are listed below the link. 

Assessment Ag Extension Services in the Jordan Valley and Highlands

In short:
"Farmers need better information on how plants respond to deficit irrigation, how irrigation schedules should be revised to reflect the best management practices, new production systems for fruit and vegetables using more saline tolerant plants, and the use of reclaimed waste water for crop production."
Action Points included:

  • Hold trainings for water user associations on these topics
  • Sponsor and oversee demonstration plots
  • Organize and Sponsor Field Days for farmers
This can be done by connecting farmers with researchers and extension specialists from both public and private institutions.

These activities and focus areas are highly representative of how Operation Mercy Jordan sees its role as a mediator between the research and farming communities.  


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