Wednesday, November 28, 2012

AC4D Brief Overview

Without food, all other aspects of social justice are meaningless. 
--Norman Borlaug, Nobel Peace Prize Winner 1970
Learning from farmers is a key component of effective AgDevelopment.
The Agricultural Cooperation for Development (AC4D) program is designed to increase food production on small farms in the Jordan Valley. AC4D will provide capacity building trainings in water management through local agricultural water user associations (WUA).  We do this through a consultation process with farmers and local agricultural authorities to determine the needed outcomes of the trainings. 

The Jordan Valley has traditionally been a significant food production area but in recent years, and even more so in the future due to planned changes, water scarcity and degradation in water quality are lowering soil fertility and reducing yields.  This is leading to increased poverty, malnutrition and poor educational opportunities for children.  These challenges require that farmers obtain new capacity in soil remediation, irrigation systems and their maintenance, alternative cropping strategies and irrigation timing.  Agriculture is the livelihood for 75% of the world's poor and produces approximately 70% of all food globally.  Smallholders ability to feed a nation and provide a living wage for the most vulnerable is contingent on a number of factors, all of which are changing dramatically in out time.  To meet those goals farmers need an ever-expanding set of skills to navigate the demands of changing water and land availability.  That set of skills is precisely what AC4D will provide.  

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